On my loom – Glen Allen studio

10 08 2008

Ahhhh! The loom is warped.  It’s been a year since I warped a loom from front to back.  When I do it, it’s because the project lends itself to it.  This time, it was a lot of narrow stripes, and the need to do some grouped warp threads.  For me, the math is easier through the reed, and then to work out the heddles (this truth was compounded by the fact that I was making up the weave ‘on the fly’).

It’s a second attempt at satisfying myself, and my summer weaving challenge.  The current scarf won’t meet the challenge, as it needs a complementary color.  Perhaps the next scarf.  The warp is 11 yards, and will make 5 or 6 scarves.  Or a combination of scarves and pillows.  It’s alpaca/silk, which seems to be a trend for me.  the green strands are grouped in single heddles, and a rhythmic set of white threads are doubled in heddles on shaft 4.

Hope you like it:

Candy Striper

Candy Striper

Here is a different view:

And here is the double weave that Jody is doing:

This doubleweave of Jody's has a wonderful texture

This doubleweave of Jody's has a wonderful texture

Liz finished her first piece of weaving last week, and began a new warp today.  She measured out a 288 thread warp in 2 colors for a log cabin rag rug.  Here is the warp:

And finally, here are a couple of shots of the tie-dye I do.  The dotted color sections are one of my specialties.  Ya Like?

spiral tie-dye

spiral tie-dye

Tomorrow, I have a sewing class to teach.  It’s young folks again.  We will be making purses, pillows, patches, and stuffed animals.  Or, I can flow with their requests.  That’s a good idea. It’s an afternoon class, so I can go to Glen Allen and weave in the morning.  (I would weave at home, but I ran out of weft yarn, and need to spin more….the wheel is at the Glen Allen studio).  Talk to you later.




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