12 08 2008

The kids class this week is called “Gettin Stitchy”. It’s an opportunity for me to help kids learn stitch sewing and embroidery related fiber arts. The direction of the class is open to the kids determining the direction.  I began yesterday with an embroidery opportunity, because I didn’t know what project, or direction they might want to go. I also took sewing machines for a basic lesson in using the machine, sewing a straight line, sewing a zigzag line, stitch length, and width.  The kids loved it.

They are all interested primarily in embellishment techniques, specifically embroidery, but would like to have a split class that focuses on teaching a few new embroidery stitches each day, and they will practice it, then the second half of the class we will work on the construction of a stuffed animal on the sewing machines.  The stuffed animal will be very similar to Doozie, the bear I made 18 months ago with the Art After School kids in the city.  Doozie has an embroidered face, with a hand-felted nose, an embroidered naval, and fingernails, hairplugs, etc.

It’s a fun class that will combine the two areas these kids wanted to work on.  The embroidery piece they will work on from day to day is 18″ X 36″, so when they finish embellishing the one side, they can sew it up, and make a pillow from it.  They will leave class with a 22″ stuffed animal, an 18″ pillow, the ability to do about 12 embroidery stitches, and a new knowledge of how to safely use a simple sewing maching.  I’m using Janome machines.

Here are pics of our first day:

Stay tuned for more on this wonderful class.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love to teach.  It’s about as much fun as weaving…. and spinning….and felting…well, you get the point.



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