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19 08 2008

Wow, I have an intermediate weaving class this week.  We meet from 9 am – 4 pm.  It’s a  youth class, and the kids are making scary progress.  It usually takes the kids about 8 hours to dress the loom.  This week, I had a girl dress her loom, and weave 2 placemats in 6 hours.  She dressed the loom for 13 placemats, and she will weave them all, and have to re-dress the loom tomorrow morning.  I’m thinking of doing tapestry with her, or teaching her how to weave a modified twill.  Right now, she is just weaving plain weave.

Another student dressed her loom yesterday, and wove her rug off today.  Once she finished the rag rug, she began weaving a coarse fabric to make things of.  Another student is bravely taking the intermediate weaving even though she has never woven before. She began weaving around noon today.  These kids are great.  Other students are weaving rugs.  The students in this class are working so well and fairly independently, so guess what?  I am weaving along with them.  They were very excited that we were all going to weave along together.

Today, I wove a plain weave scarf of baby alpaca yarn. It’s probably best sett at about 24 epi.  I have sett it at 20, and weave 12 pics, then insert a boot lace then weave 12 more pics and pull the boot lace out, so there are 1/4″ spaces between these bands of plain weave.  Not only did I have time to weave it, I wet finished it, and wove a sample of the next piece.  It will use the same warp, but will be crossed with a green silk.  I’ll try to post pics tomorrow.   Check back for pictures.





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