color palette for a rag rug

19 08 2008

Ok. last post tonight.  I fell in love with a couple fabrics at Hancock today and wanted to weave a rag rug (not my usual weaving project, but….).  I have two of those yellow ochre bathrooms.  You know they look like someone spewed tumeric all over the place.  Well, this precious little ecru fabric with green fir trees, and yellow ochre flowers just jumped out at me ans screamed, “buy me!!! Buy me!!! Hey you!  BUY ME FOR YOUR STUPID…YELLOW…BATHROOMS!!!

So, ever obedient to the voices in my head, or on the fabric, I bought a few yards of it.  Here are the colors I bought.  The  toile is a bit loud, but, the voices were loud;0)  Oh well.  No body will see my bathroom, and I will love it.  Also, It’s a real waker-upper.  What do you think of the palette?  I think more of the red, and fir, with less of the toile.





2 responses

20 08 2008

I like the toile! I have been meaning to get started on a simple rug. Now that my hip has been injected, maybe I will get back to the loom!

20 08 2008

Yeah. I think the toile was my inspiration to finally make this rug. Maybe the green and ochre fabric also. Hope your hip feels better, and I’m looking forward to seeing what pops up on your blog next;0)

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