more on the intermediate weaving

21 08 2008

I have a couple really remarkable weavers this week in the intermediate class.  One of them is returning for the 4th or 5th weaving class with me, and is really a remarkable student.  She dressed the loom today with a 240 thread warp in about 2.5 hours.  That’s what I do it in!  Then another student, who is only taking her 2nd weaving class  has woven 2 or 3 perfect rugs, and is now working on an inlay “tapestry” that is excellent.  My other returning student has woven 2 beautiful rugs and has dressed the loom with a 2nd warp this week, and will be weaving rag fabric to make a messenger bag.  Great job!

My new student has a great sense of color, and has really picked up on how to weave.  She dressed the loom for the 2nd time this week, and will be weaving off a quick scarf tomorrow.  She wove a rug…..a perfectly stunning rug, and a shorter piece that she will probably make a drawstring bag out of.

I’m honored to teach you all;0)

It looks like I will be teaching a spinning class at the Glen Allen studio on Fridays in Sept.  I don’t yet know if the students are looking for a daytime class, or evening.  Either way, I will probably offer to do the class in Goochland if they would like something closer to home.  GG.

Take Care, and oh yes, here are some pics of the girls and their work today.




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