Friday Class- intermediate spinning – Charlottesville

22 08 2008

Oh, I made a mistake on the Spinning class being in Glen Allen.  It’s in Charlottesville.

I also have pics of the final products of the intermediate weaving class.  It was my final youth summer class.  I thoroughly enjoy the kids in the summer. They energize me, and inspire me.  I never remember being as fearless.  Some of these kids come in and never fear making a mistake.  Others are already adults.  They are worried about making mistakes, and don’t break into new territory because of their fear.  Of the fearless ones, there are those who never actually care that they have made a mistake and don’t fix it, hence learning less than others; and there are those who embrace the opportunity to not only fix their own mistakes, but to try to come up with the how to fix it themselves.  They are analytical thinkers, who are very able to jump right in! How I would love to be fearless;0)




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