More students than looms, More students than space

24 08 2008

Today, once everyone arrived at the studio, I realized that we had more students than looms.  The weaving program is growing so wonderfully, that I don’t have enough looms to accomodate everyone that wants to be a part.  If I had more looms(which I do at home), I couldn’t accomodate another loom in the space that we have.

We have worked out the situation and everyone has a loom next week, as Amy N. is finishing up this week, and will be vacating the loom she is on.  It’s so very good to have Nancy back.  This group has acquired a friendly, very homey feel for me, and I welcome each one of you.  Liz is weaving a log cabin rag t-shirt rug, Amy is setting up the loom for a set of rugs for gifts, Jody is working on placemats and a runner.  Nancy is working on Christmas gifts, and I’m working on not removing that warp until I have woven every inch.  (Often, I dress a loom, and then the studio gets full, and no sooner than the warp is ready to weave, and I have to remove my own work so another student has the loom.).

It is my dream to have a Fiber Art Center in Richmond.  We will have sewing classes, crochet and knitting clutches and classes, weaving, spinning and felting as well as a gallery for fiber art.  I have had this dream for a few years, and this is the first time I have put voice to it.  Watch it happen.  Pray with me for it to become a reality.

When I was a younger woman, it was difficult to get time for myself because of my responsibilities as Mom.  I always thought it would be a great idea to have a creative center for women. Not all women choose the same cargo to carry in life, not all women choose the same path to walk, but many, many women need to express themselves, and by the nature of life, or by God’s design, that seems to often interplay with fiber and fabric.  So what better way to help women relieve the stresses of contemporary life, than to create a center where they can work out their stress in a creative interplay with fiber.

EEkkk, did I just tell you…..




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24 08 2008
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25 08 2008

Yes you did!

I am glad your studio is full.

25 08 2008

Thanks Alice.
Looking forward to see fruit from your loom this week;0)

25 08 2008

I finally finished my first waffle weave dishtowel. It has a mis-threading and uneven beat, but considering it was my first solo project, and on my brand new loom, I think it’s pretty good. I did figure out what to do about a couple of broken warp threads (basically made a weighted warp for them and the floating selvedge). For a bad photo, you can go over to my blog.

I think it’s great that so many people are in your class. The class that I took was in a small shop in Yorktown, with just two of us in the class. I would have loved to learn to weave years ago, but never had the opportunity until recently.

25 08 2008

Thank you. And your waffle weave towel is nice. Congrats on your new loom;0)

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