My new Toika Tapestry loom

28 08 2008

OH, I’m giddy with delight over my new loom.  It’s an older Toika Tapestry loom.  It’s an upright tapestry loom with pedal-lift harnesses.  I just picked it up in Raleigh, and am staying here for 24 hours… agonizing 24 hours, as I won’t be able to assemble my loom until I get home, and then into Richmond, to unload it at the studio.  Curses!!!

What will be more fun……1 the anticipation?……..2 the assembly?……..3 the experience of weaving on it?………4 owning this beautiful finnish loom?

Stay tuned for pics in a day or two.

Oh, the real purpose for being here, of course, is college visitation with my kids.  It’s going great.  Looks like one of them is very interested in Wake Forest.  Of course, Chapel Hill was awesome also.  Tomorrow, we visit NC state.






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15 04 2017
Edie Seyl Polson

I have recently acquired an old Toika tapestry loom like your’s. How do you keep the beater bar raised up near the heddles when it’s not beating the weaving? I think I’m missing a part or two.

15 04 2017

Mine had a rope that someone used to loop over the swing arm for the beater each time the beater was used. Since you don’t necessarily use the beater every pic, I guess it wasn’t a hassle for the previous owner. I use a porch swing spring and have tied mine up so it’s spring loaded. If you message me after Wed. I can send you a photo. Right now, home is a 1500 mile trip 😀 Congratulations on acquiring your Toika.

22 04 2017
Edie Seyl Polson

Hi, it’s me again wondering if you can send a photo of your Toika loom with focus on the porch swing spring to raise the beater out of the way.

22 04 2017

I’m loading pics now. I’ll do a post within a few minutes.

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