pics of the loom assembled

30 08 2008

I have assembled the new Toika tapestry loom.  It was surprisingly easy.  Not only is it together, I have half the heddles threaded.  Have a look around at the studio also.  It’s beautiful, and we have openings from time to time.  Notice my Macomber, and how it opens up to accomodate the weaver, as he/she dresses the loom.




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31 01 2014
living journey

Hi, I was just wondering about your Toika tapestry loom and the ease of using it. Currently I weave on an Ashford Rigid Heddle but I would like to branch out into more freestyle weaving. I have found a second hand 47″ Toika for sale for $550 Australian (I live in Adelaide) and I have NO idea if that is a good price. It looks to already have some work on it. My question are these:

Is that a good price for a well working loom?
Is the Toika hard for a beginner weaver who has some experience with the rigid heddle?
What kind of shuttles would I use for this loom?

I would really appreciate your help, as this loom looks completely different to the normal upright tapestry looms.


Virginia Snape

1 02 2014

Sorry I answered briefly before. My internet was out and I was using my phone. My theory is that if you can dress a loom, you can dress nearly any loom (a counter-marche excepted). The toika is a joy to dress and to use. The one you have access to sounds just like mine. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether $550 Australian is like $10,000 or $500, or what the loom market is like in Australia. Here, it would be a fabulous price (if those were USD). Keep me posted. Cherri

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