3 09 2008

Folks, If you haven’t been to weavezine recently, it’s time.  The current issue is very much about small weaving.  There is an article about inkle, one about Kente, one about weaving bands and making them into purses…..not the totes, but the kind that have jaw-like openings of brassish metal.  The online magazine is contemporary, full of ideas for weavers, and instructors who are always trying to keep their classes fresh, and the instructions were very clear and well written.

I know many of you are not interested in weaving that’s not loom-controlled weaving on a floor loom, but if you open your thinking to allow the possibility of weaving on small frame looms, or inkle, looms, you can basically weave anywhere you go (although the guy next to you on the plane might object;).  Check out the current issue.  You can thank me later, but definitely thank the creators of Weavezine today!

See you later, I’m already 48 years old, and haven’t even scratched the surface of weaving yet.  I’ve got to catch up!





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