8′ countermarche loom

4 09 2008

So much for frittering away a day that I could have put in on the loom. I saw an 8′ countermarche loom on Craigslist that I was dumb enough to inquire about.  Well, it’s now in my den.  I spent the day negotiating delivery, price cost to get delivered. Then the loom arrived, and it didn’t fit through the door.  As it turns out, the previous owner couldn’t get it through their door either.  Hmmm, it would be funny that he didn’t mention that, but the price was worth me taking a chance.  We removed the breast beam, and the warp beam, and got it into the house.  It’s a mess.  It’s on blocks and wheels that fall off if you breathe wrong.  And if you think about it, an 8 foot loom, needs the stability of those blocks.

Well, the harnesses are made wrong (did I mention that it’s home-made?  The heddles are a criss-crossed mishmash of some the right length, and some the wrong length.  The warp beam is disconnected from it’s brake mechanism because the wood is so old and brittle that it is chewed up, and doesn’t really have a place for the screws to sink in. Because of the looms height, the weaver must stand to weave (I’m used to that, as it is my preferred method of weaving), but the top of the loom is so high, I can’t reach my tool shelf.

Does it sound like I’m complaining? OH. sorry, I love a challenge. Watch me get this bad boy weavin.  I mean, I do now have an 8 foot rug loom ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAAAA!(She laughs insanely, teetering on the brink of ecstasy).

The adventures of Crazy John Hankins & the 8 foot loom

The adventures of Crazy John Hankins & the 8 foot loom



2 responses

5 09 2008

Wow! 8 feet wide???? How will you throw the shuttle? Run back and forth?

Is it walnut?

6 09 2008

I have a pet chipmunk that has volunteered to dash it back and forth for me;0)
Actually, I’m yet to discover how to get the shuttle all the way across.
As for the wood, it’s just a bunch of different kinds slapped together. This loom looks soooo good in the picture, compared to reality;0(

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