The arts

4 09 2008

I’ve got to make this brief,as I have time for the studio today, and don’t want to fritter that away.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has is a wonderful institution.  It promotes arts, arts education, appreciation, preservation, etc.  One program that I partner with them on is the Statewide Partnership Program.  This program is designed to promote arts in rural Virginia. The museum sponsors workshops by professional artists and ‘fine craftsmen’ (my word, not theirs. I don’t have gender issues) in rural communities.  The artists go to the local art centers and offer excellent instruction in areas that otherwise might not be available in that area. I may not be explaining it thoroughly, so let me give you a link: or two

Jeffrey Allison administrates this program, and can assist you in getting artists into your local art center in Virginia, or assisting your local arts and humanities educators to get visiting artists to provide teacher workshops.

Here is Jeffrey’s contact info:

Please support arts in your local community.  Art stimulates thought.

On another Note:

Please support art for emerging adults.  The kids I work with have wonderful critical thinking skills.

They have positive self images.  These kids have a creative outlet to express their world view, as well as their joys and frustrations.

They have the support of the teachers and art centers where they are validated as young PEOPLE.

Being an art instructor that is not a part of school, but rather is an affirming adult who addresses young people as equals, in a protected, nurturing environment, means I am a safety net, for young people stepping out onto the tightrope of a very challenging teen existence.

Become a supportive teen mentor in the arts. Partner with your local or regional art center. Partner with your local school system,  Y, or Boys & Girls club to provide young people with adults who care, and understand their need to express creatively.

OK. I’m off the soap box for today. I’ll try not to do that often.





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