little bit of yarn

10 09 2008

Here is a little bit of yarn I have been spinning.  It’s kid mohair.  This is 300 yards.  This yarn presents an interesting story. Several years ago, perhaps 2002, I received a commission for this kid mohair yarn.  The lady wanted something from some fiber she had acquired, but didn’t know what.  Well, she decided what she would like, and I produced that.  I believe she was pleased, and she paid, but there was still 1/2 of her fiber left, and she wasn’t sure what she wanted.  So she said she would get back with me.  Six years later, I got a message that she called, and wanted to know if I still had the fiber!  And I did!  I can’t tell you how many times over those 6 years, I wanted to reach this lady, but I have changed computers twice in that time, and the first time, lost all data, so I had not information on how to contact her.

The fiber just sat on a shelf for 6 years.  I has felted to itself, but it was nice roving, so I’ve been able to pull most of it apart so far.  Can you imaging how many times I almost threw that fiber away?  Well, here are pics of the yarn that I am spinning from this rather old kid mohair.





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