Pics of what’s going on in the studio

2 10 2008

Well, the show and tell social last night was nice.  Several students brought work that really inspired all of us.

On another note, here are some pics of what’s going on in the studio this week.  Most of the pics are the studio at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, which is a beginning class.  The twill sampler in vibrant colored warp, with black weft is not being done by a beginner, and it is a ‘project’ from the Jan./Feb. Handwoven magazine.  If you decide to weave it, check a later issue for a minor ‘correction’ in the treadling/tie-up.  You also might find the correction online.  It’s a lovely piece. 

There are pictures of the kid mohair yarn commission finished (440 yds).  How not to treat a loom.

Other pics are my Wool Ease yarn for a ‘vibrant’ piece of my own.  I’m weaving a double-weave throw, and wanted something washable. I don’t usually weave acrylic, but this will suit my purposes very well.  My friend/student Jody does a good bit of acrylic yarn weaving, and I guess, I’m learning that there is a time and place for many things.  I have the sweetest students:0)

Most of the equipment is moved into the school where I will be artist in residence.  Today, the loom went, spinning wheel, yarn, fiber, etc.  The big project we will be working on is hand-felted panels (10’X4′) to exhibit at the school.  We are looking for other exhibition opportunities also.  The school is right next door to a cultural arts center that teaches weaving,so it shouldn’t be difficult to find support, right?

On to other things.  It’s midnight, and my coachman just dashed into the hole in the baseboard.




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