How lucky can a fiber artist get?

8 10 2008

I’m working as an artist in residence right now, for a  middle school in Richmond.  It’s a very nice ‘gig’. The kids are typical middle school kids, which I generally enjoy teaching.  The classroom is massive, and not…..NOT cluttered up.  This teacher has storage space, nice kids, an open and inviting room, computers and A GALLERY!

While I’m at the school, the gallery is my studio space.  It’s very large, and I have brought in a floor loom, a couple of spinning wheels, and lots of yarn and fiber.  While I’m at the school, I get to mingle with the wonderful folks there, work with the kids (some of whom are very talented), and use their space as my own studio space.  How lucky is that?  Plus the art teacher, her fellow teachers, and the administrators are all friendly, deeply interested in the kids success and stimulation…It’s just too good to be true.

Here is a picture of the gallery (my studio for now).  If I get permission, I’ll put up pictures of our progress, OK?




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