16 10 2008

Some of you may remember that I’m spending most of Oct, and a week in Nov. as an artist-in- residence at one of the public middle schools.  It’s the #1 reason I haven’t posted in a few days.

Last week, we made thigh spindles from dowels and CD’s, spun yarn, and made PVC frame looms and strung them up.  The kids are now weaving on the looms, and we have begun felting.  We are felting component parts this week, that will be used for embellishment of the finished piece.  It’s exhausting.  I’m up very early (leave the house at 6:45), and leave school at 3:00 pm.  Then I still have my After school program I work with at the Visual Arts Center (it too, is with middle schoolers, and we are weaving tapestries).  On Wed. and Thurs, I then have my evening, adult weaving classes.  So I’m getting home at 10 pm.  Fortunately, It’s an 18 day residency.  I’m sure it will be over too soon, as I love to work with kids this age.

I have taught some of the kids to crochet, and we are working on Granny squares.  Then, in my planning period, the art teacher sends kids in to my studio at the school, and I work with them individually, teaching some to spin on the wheel, and others get special help with their class work.

My core group is 6th graders, and we are felting a set of 2 murals that are 8′ high, by 4′ wide.  They will be permanently installed at the school, when I’m finished here.  Keep us in mind if you have a loom that you might be looking for a home for, as Richmond City Schools would like one for the Arts and Humanities Center.  More later.





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