Rigid Heddle Weaving Class

25 10 2008

Well, I had a rigid heddle weaving class yesterday in Mathews, VA.  Everything seemed to go well.  There were 7 students registered, one got sick and couldn’t come.  Another registered, and then had to work, so we had 5 students.  That was a great number.  I brought a Kromski Harp, and a Kromski Fiddle, so I could add those to the ‘review’ of Rigid Heddle looms.

It seemed like everyone had a very good time.  For the first time, I took some pre-measured warps with me.  And measured one warp in class, to demonstrate how it is done.  This allowed me to teach the entire class in 6 hours.  Generally, I have to leave looms behind, for students to finish up their projects.  That was not the case with this class.  It was sponsored by the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, through their Statewide Partnership program.  Part of the criteria for the program is that the student be able to complete the work within the 6 hour time slot, so I had to find a way to hone some time off the usual 10 hours.  Pre-measuring warps was perfect.  I also narrowed the warps from the usual 12-15″ warps to 6″ warps.  Each person made a very nice narrow scarf.  We used a Leclerc Tapestry loom (Penelope II), a Leclerc Bergere, a Kromski Harp, a Kromski Fiddle, and a Beka 20″ rigid heddle loom.  As we enjoyed the  day, students watched each other with the looms, learned what the benefits and downfalls of each looms was, and decided what loom is best for them.  One thought the Penelope was best for her, one bought the Beka she had used, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Harp.  The lady who used the Fiddle was also thrilled with the loom she used, while the lady who used the Bergere had bought it in a previous workshop.  Here are some pics of the workshop, and the finished scarves.

Thanks for peeking in, and drop me a line sometime, or leave a comment on the blog.  My students, and visitors love to read your comments.





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25 10 2008

I didn’t know you were going to be in my neck of the woods. (I’m not quite as far east as Mathews, but close enough.) If i had known, I would have signed up.

25 10 2008

I’m sorry to have missed you! I’ll be back on 12/6 for a tapestry weaving class.

26 10 2008

I noticed that, and have let the hubby know that I’m interested. 🙂

26 10 2008

OH Good! For those who know how to thread the loom, it’s good to bring it to class already dressed. Hope to see you then, but please stay in touch. I’m weaving daily on the rigid heddle right now, and would love to keep up with your work. Your blog is nice. And like you, I am an avid reader.

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