Start thinking about residential art camp this summer

30 11 2008

Last summer, I went away for a residential art camp. I taught a spinning class at Touchstone center for Craft in Farmington, PA.  It was an amazing week. I shot hundreds of pictures, and saw a red eft, met some people that I thoroughly enjoyed and spent the week away from the responsibilities of home and studio, art centers and commissions. It sent me home refreshed, more appreciative of home and my own studio, and generally very relaxed.

Please check out Touchstone, and of course my own classes there.  I’m teaching spinning at Touchstone the week of June 14 and Weaving the week beginning 6/21.

For my rigid heddle friends, we are offering a weeklong rigid heddle class the week of Aug 23.I do bring several brands of rigid heddle looms, so you can try a variety of looms before choosing one for yourself.  We will use the Bergere, Penelope II, Beka, Fiddle and Harp. If I acquire others between now and then, we will use them also.  Please join me for this class.

If you have questions about what the classes will cover, please feel free to e-mail me.  Questions about Touchstone should be directed to Touchstone via their facebook page :

or their website

I am in!

28 11 2008

Today was the day to move into the new studio.  Amy helped, and Nancy helped.  My husband, and 2 daughters helped also.  We moved 11 looms today. We also got most of the yarn and rovings put away, set up the warping mills, had keys made, and began organizing the large amount of ‘stuff’.

Here are some pics:

don’t forget that you can click on a photo to see a larger version.

As you can see, I got lucky again with a lot of window.  The space is perfect for us, and I cans see us needing more space very soon.  In addition to being a fabulous studio, it’s quiet, in a safe area, and within about a tenth of a mile from Marriot Suites, Holiday Inn Express, O’Charleys, Cracker Barrel, and my gym!  So you can come for lessons, classes, or if you are local, you can come and just book loom time to weave a gift.

My friends, family and students are awesome!  I can’t wait to see you on Sunday and on Wednesday. Thanksgiving was great for us, and My hope is that you had a wonderful time with your loved ones also.


Hurray! The lease is signed

20 11 2008

The lease on the new space is signed.  As of 12/1, we will have our own fiber arts playhouse in Richmond,VA.  My 2 studios may be combining so we are all in one space.  Yay!

The square footage is not as much as I thought, but I’ve been told that we can expand easily.  Our attempt is to finish our recruitment of teachers so we can offer needlepoint, cross-stitch, weaving, spinning, knitting, crochet, sewing and quilting, (felting would be nice, but we don’t have the wet facility) etc.  Keep us in your prayers (yes, I’m talking with a potential business partner).  In my mind, I already have 12 weaving students, 10 knitters, a full sewing class, and crocheters who are working along merrily with my weaving student whom I hope to recruit to teach.  I’ll post pics very soon.

The address is 3800 Stillman Pkwy, Richmond, VA 23233.

In the Works

12 11 2008

OK, so I’ve never been one to hang back hesitantly and watch the world go by.  It looks like I will be opening a rather all encompassing fiber arts center in Richmond,VA.  We’ll have to watch and see whether I get the building.

Today I’m meeting with the properties management group about a space, and If it’s the right time and place (in otherwords, price), then I should be open as of Dec.  Can you believe it!???

I may be taking on a partner, and we will have 12-20 floor looms to start with.  We will offer weaving lessons, loom lease (on premises), Summer fiber programs for kids and adults, rigid heddle weaving, tapestry weaving,spinning on the spinning wheel, charkha, and drop spindle, needle point, knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, and much more!  I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years, and I had it in my 5 year plan, but until I said it out loud…….and then things just began to roll.  One quick prayer about it, and things really began happening. 

Once I have a better handle on the space available, we wil be offering week-long weaving workshops, so if you are looking for that, we will have it.  There are several nice hotels very close (one withing walking distance), as well as a fitness club, a grocery store, and 2 restaurants within walking distance.  And if you need Starbucks to keep you motivated, we can help you with that also  The new location is just a mile or less from the interstate also.  

Stay in touch, because we will want you to come and see us.  If I delete this e-mail later, just know that it fell through, but that I will still be workin on making this happen.

I am sending a donation to a missionary technical school in Kenya to purchase sewing machines for their sewing department.  If you would like to be a part of that effort, I’m happy to put you in touch.  You can sponsor a sewing machine for about $250 and I think you can find out more about the ministry by going to


check back later for an update.


Fiber Arts Show and Sale

8 11 2008

Bay School of the Arts is having their annual Fiber Arts Show and Sale this month. There are cash awards $$$.  I’ve entered this show in the past and attended the opening.  There is wonderful support for fiber arts at Bay School, and I highly recommend participation.

If you are interested and want more information, click here:

Or, you can register here:

Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned fiber artist, your work is welcome.  Any work entered must be predominantly fiber.

Here are the awards and categories:

Best in Show

Judged on originality of design, skill level, functionality, craftsmanship and creativity.$200

Most Innovative Use of Materials

Judged on Technical excellence

Hope to see you at the opening.  If not, I hope to see your work at the opening.

Tapestry weaving class on 12/6

4 11 2008

I just wanted to post a reminder that I will be in Mathews, Va on 12/6, teaching a tapestry weaving class.

Bay School of the Arts in Mathews is offering the class, and you can book your spot here:

And here is the class description:

Woven for My Walls – Beginning Tapestry

Weaving for your walls to wear is what this tapestry class is all aout.  Students will use rigid heddle looms to learn tapestry techniques and create hand-woven wall hangings.  From dressing your loom (setting it up) to weaving off visually stimulating works of art, this class is about fiber, color, texture and making sure you are able to combine these elements to create hand-woven works of art from the loom.  Beginners welcome.  Pay materials fee to instructor on first day of class.

Cherri Hankins, instructor

Dates: Saturday, December 6, 10am-4pm
Class Tuition Cost: $50
Cost of Supplies: $20

I hope you can make it.


The joys of Wet-felting

1 11 2008

Today, I finally loaded the pics from my camera to the computer of the kids felting the large mural at the school where I am doing a residency.  I am so blessed by these pictures.  Being at the school has required a lot of energy, and a bit of neglecting other areas of my work, but let me tell you about the realy payoff.  On Friday, I had a class of about 16 kids. Some of them have serious mental or physical handicaps, and some of them don’t.  (my theory on life is that we all have some handicap.  for some, it’s an inability to empathize, for some, it’s a lack of industry, for others, it’s the need to use other people) so their handicap is just more obvious than some of ours, but these kids have opened their minds and hearts to me, to embrace what I had to offer them.  We spun yarn with thigh spindles, we have tried weaving, and now we are felting.  Friday’s class is so attentive, and willing to learn.  We have had a very tactile experience.  Until Friday, I’ve been unable to reach one particular student, but on Friday, with a special invitation, he joined us, and I was so blessed.  Our mural is 12’X5′, and we put 6 tables together, put a wooden frame on the table, and covered it with a sheet of plastic.

In that makeshift basin, we felted our mural with 15 gallons of soapy water, and 36 hands, patting, rubbing, and making warm bubbles.  We laughed and worked and talked and my new participant sang.  As I write this, I’m almost tearful with joy for the blessing that it was.  The finished product is a ‘Tree of Life’ that the kids drew.  It has their school on it, and fruit.  The vines and texture of the bark of the tree is made from the yarns they spun on their thigh spindles.  Because of privacy issues, I won’t put up pics of the kids, but here is a picture of their mural drying.  The next thing we will do is to needle felt some detail, and sew on the fruit and flowers.  We will also ‘train’ the vines.

I’m so thankful for my time with these young people.  They have given me new eyes.