In the Works

12 11 2008

OK, so I’ve never been one to hang back hesitantly and watch the world go by.  It looks like I will be opening a rather all encompassing fiber arts center in Richmond,VA.  We’ll have to watch and see whether I get the building.

Today I’m meeting with the properties management group about a space, and If it’s the right time and place (in otherwords, price), then I should be open as of Dec.  Can you believe it!???

I may be taking on a partner, and we will have 12-20 floor looms to start with.  We will offer weaving lessons, loom lease (on premises), Summer fiber programs for kids and adults, rigid heddle weaving, tapestry weaving,spinning on the spinning wheel, charkha, and drop spindle, needle point, knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, and much more!  I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years, and I had it in my 5 year plan, but until I said it out loud…….and then things just began to roll.  One quick prayer about it, and things really began happening. 

Once I have a better handle on the space available, we wil be offering week-long weaving workshops, so if you are looking for that, we will have it.  There are several nice hotels very close (one withing walking distance), as well as a fitness club, a grocery store, and 2 restaurants within walking distance.  And if you need Starbucks to keep you motivated, we can help you with that also  The new location is just a mile or less from the interstate also.  

Stay in touch, because we will want you to come and see us.  If I delete this e-mail later, just know that it fell through, but that I will still be workin on making this happen.

I am sending a donation to a missionary technical school in Kenya to purchase sewing machines for their sewing department.  If you would like to be a part of that effort, I’m happy to put you in touch.  You can sponsor a sewing machine for about $250 and I think you can find out more about the ministry by going to


check back later for an update.





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