Start thinking about residential art camp this summer

30 11 2008

Last summer, I went away for a residential art camp. I taught a spinning class at Touchstone center for Craft in Farmington, PA.  It was an amazing week. I shot hundreds of pictures, and saw a red eft, met some people that I thoroughly enjoyed and spent the week away from the responsibilities of home and studio, art centers and commissions. It sent me home refreshed, more appreciative of home and my own studio, and generally very relaxed.

Please check out Touchstone, and of course my own classes there.  I’m teaching spinning at Touchstone the week of June 14 and Weaving the week beginning 6/21.

For my rigid heddle friends, we are offering a weeklong rigid heddle class the week of Aug 23.I do bring several brands of rigid heddle looms, so you can try a variety of looms before choosing one for yourself.  We will use the Bergere, Penelope II, Beka, Fiddle and Harp. If I acquire others between now and then, we will use them also.  Please join me for this class.

If you have questions about what the classes will cover, please feel free to e-mail me.  Questions about Touchstone should be directed to Touchstone via their facebook page :

or their website




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