A full House or studio

7 12 2008

Today was a very busy day in the new studio. There were 6 floor loom weavers, and a table loom weaver.  There is actually room for all of this!  If we weren’t up and down, warping and such, we could accomodate 2-3 more, but wouldn’t want to do that.  There are enough floor looms for 11 people. It works best, though if half are in one class, and half in another because being a teacher in a setting like that is a lot like being the ball in a pinball machine.

The new projects are a couple of chenille scarves, and a handspun/handwoven scarf.  Another new project is the sampler from Marguerite Davison’s  patternbook p. 13.  The student doing that is using a bright green warp with silver flecks in it. Each pattern is being woven as an individual ‘doily’.  The first was Christmas red.  I love the looks of the piece, and the student is really enjoying weaving patterns and learning how to read the drafts:0) Remember those joys?!

One student finished her alpaca silk scarf, another is still workin on an alpaca silk scarf, another is still working on rag rugs, and yet another is still working on weaving the 2 scarves simultaneously.  No one is on the tapestry loom.

We took the tapestry off the loom from the Bethlehem Walk (my church’s project), and have decided to save it and put it up in the tapestry booth again next year.  The loom was a very cool success, as was the BW ministry.

I must go for now, as it is well after midnight and I’m zaust’d.





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