Activity in the studio today

16 12 2008

Today was a little amazing in the studio. My husband built a piece of furniture I needed in the new space.  There was a 36″ space that was 62″ long.  I couldn’t put looms there because it would block the doorway (it’s sort of like a hall), but I desparately needed some storage and some desktop space.

I drew up a plan for a 62″ long 36″ deep cabinet and my husband built it.  It has a base that has shelves to store my portable sewing machines on one side, but the other side is open and will accomodate the dorm size refridgerator.  The counter top is recycled laminate flooring, and the upper portion is 12″ deep shelves on the to 6.5′, and open on the other side for storing and using the warping mill.  Above 6.5′, The uppermost foot is a 62″ long shelf.

I can put the microwave, fridge, printer, coffeemaker, fridge, sewing machines, warping mill, and MUCH more all on this one cabinet!!!  It also provides a place for us to use the manual and/or the electric bobbin winders, the swift, finally has a place to clamp.  This is my Christmas present, and it’s a wonderful gift.  If I get a chance, I’ll post pics.  Don’t expect ‘pretty’, the beauty of this is it’s functionality, how perfectly it fits the space, and how completely my DH followed my diagram. WOW.

Then for the not so great news.  I’m working on a bamboo warp.  It’s 400 ends, set between 24 and 32 epi (i don’t know which yet because I’m trying to work out a goof-up).  The warp is for a 8-shaft pinwheel draft, so I have 200 ends in green, and 200 in blue.  The colors are supposed to alternate: 4 blue ends, 4 green ends.  The problem is that I measured out the warps separately, and didn’t integrate them as I measured them.  Generally, I dress the loom back to front, and I’m in a funk over how to integrate the warps now.  The blue is in the raddle, and I can’t figure out how to get the green in the raddle, and on the same lea sticks with the blue!!!!!! UGH!!! HHHHMMMMMMM!!!!!!!(remember, that’s my very bad curse word).

I’ll probably wind up dressing it from front to back, and just consider this a lesson. I mean we have all just gotten so excited about a project that we jumped into it without thinking through what we were doing, right?  OH well, I’ll have fun working it out, and my students always get a big chuckle out of my mistakes.

Jane, one of my students, got a table and 6 chairs for the studio today.  They are coming into the studio tomorrow.  Very exciting.  Now, while I’m still shifting things mentally is the perfect time for this big item to come in.  We will use the table for the knitting and needlework classes, as well as the cutting table for the sewing classes.  My how we are growing!

More later. Hope this isn’t too long.

g’night. cherri




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