Now that’s progress

23 12 2008

Just thought I’d update you on what’s going on in the studio.

I’m posting pics of Susan’s multiple slub twill scarves, Jody’s simultaneously woven scarves, Amy’s double-weave baby blanket, Brit’s new warp, and my struggle with the 8 harness pinwheel.

Here is a series of pics of Susan’s lime green scarf, pink scarf, and burgundy scarf. There is yet another on the loom tonight(unless she has finished it already.) Susan is a very quick weaver.  She put a long warp on, and spend the majority of time making sure to do it right, wove 2-3 scarves, then used that as a dummy warp, and wove 4 more scarves on that alpaca silk warp.  She was weaving a scarf a day on lunch break, and after work.  And her work is excellent work done in fine threads.

Then, Jody is still working on the simultaneous scarf project. She is weaving 2 at once and it’s been a lesson for everyone that doing 2 at once doesn’t mean working twice as fast. It’s a laborious process, but the scarves are lovely.

Then Amy’s very dense warp will be a double-woven baby blanket.  She counted heddles at the beginning, but still had to add 12 heddles.  It does pay to count very carefully.  hpim40041

Brit is measureing out a red chenille scarf here, and should finish tieing it onto the dummy warp next week, and weave it off.  She has had a very productive session. hpim39911I’m working on this horrible 8 shaft pinwheel, and using a wordless Color and Weave book.  I wish I had threaded it 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 in each color and alternated, rather than 1,2,3,4 and alternate.  Well, there is plenty of warp there for me to weave one in this, and one in the other, ad infinitum.  I have not transferred the super clips for the baby mac, so I’m having to tie it up with shoe lace. After buying a hundred nylon zip ties, tying all the treadles up, and finding that they don’t work, I’ve cut them off, am redoing the shoelace, and will ultimately try texsolve tie up  on this, as I really don’t like the clips I have for this Mac. Love the Mac, just have difficulty with popping the clips off the lamms.  One nice thing about this loom is that it’s small enough to be put up on the countertop and work on the tie-up at eye level.  hpim40051

If there is more I was going to say, I’ve forgotten it in my sleep deprived stupor. I’ve gotta go to bed.

I miss my friend who is in Spain!  Hi to her and her hubby. Hope you are having a blast (I know you are cause you two are so wonderful together).

G’night for now.





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