New Years Day in the studio

2 01 2009

What a great way to begin a new year.  We made sure that we wove on the first day, and hope to weave frequently throughout the year.  Some folks just got a fresh start on old projects, while others continued with current successes. We had mimosas, tamales (sent from my brother in TX), and Hoppin’ John to satisfy the tradition of black-eyed peas on New years day.  It was fun. Thanks to my wonderful students/friends;0)

I did come up with the Weave Study Schedule for the year.  We will be addressing a new weave everyother month.  We are not doing a project every month so students with a slower pace can catch up, and folks who are speedy weavers can either use the lesson they learned and weave a project of their own in the current weave, or can weave a project of their own choosing that month.  It shouldn’t feel like we are running through the lessons.

Here is the Weave Study Schedule for ’09:

Febrary:  Summer and Winter

April:  4 harness huck

June:  8 harness huck

August:  Honeycomb

October:  Overshot

One month prior to the first night of class, I will give each student a project sheet.  That gives students time to order their yarn.  The are responsible to order their yarn, and measure their warp by the first night of class.  I will have hand-outs on the weave, history of the weave, characteristics of the weave, etc.  Then each person weaves their own project and I’m in the studio for trouble shooting.  Currently I’m not scheduleing anything for Dec., but I may decide we are up for a project.




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