Learn to Weave in a Weekend Class 3/7/2009

10 01 2009

I’m offering a Learn to Weave in a Weekend Class the Weekend of March 7, 2009.  This class is more than 13 hours of instruction.   We will work from 9 am – 4 pm Saturday, students may continue to work through the break as open studio time, but we will return to class at 6:30 pm to begin again. The evening session runs from 6:30 – 9:00 pm, and class is completed the following day from 1-5 pm.  This schedule is very generous for students with a slower pace, as I generally teach the class in 11.5 hour sessions without the open studio opportunities.

Instruction is on floor looms. Class covers planning projects, measuring warp, securing the warp, winding your warp onto the loom, threading the heddles, sleying the reed, tieing-on, and weaving off your warp.  We also cover removal from the loom, and ‘finishing techniques’.  This is a complete weaving intro in a single 2-day weekend.  The class finishes early enough that students have travel time to return home.

Class Description:
This class is an opportunity for busy people to completely immerse themselves in weaving for three days. It’s a great kick-off to joining the ongoing weaving classes, or to begin a personal journey of weaving at home on one’s own equipment. Students will have choices of fibers yarns and projects to choose from. Project recommendations will be made by the instructor to assist each individual to accomplish their own goals in the allotted time.  The class is inspiring, motivating, challenging, fulfilling, and peaceful. Materials fee of $30 payable to the instructor.

Class fee is $150.00

I hope you will join us.




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