Beautiful Bamboo

14 01 2009

Today, another bamboo scarf came off the loom.  It’s an 8 harness pinwheel, and the bamboo is “ballin”.

It’s light and airy.  I wetfinished it, and put it on the warping mill to see if it was light enough to go airborn when I spun the mill, and sure enough, it flew.  It’s a fun fiber, and I’ll be weaving with it for a while.

A couple of film makers came to the studio today (by appointment), and filmed my yarn as I loaded bobbins, shuttles, made yarn balls, wove a tapestry, and worked on a loom-controlled piece.  They came to both studios, and were very nice, and showed such a sweet interest in what I do.  I hope I get to see the finished product, as I am enthralled by art centered around fiber.

Several years ago, I was commissioned to make a plaid to be used for the background in a Welsch print ad.  They were kind enough to send me a copy of the ad, once complete (product name was veiled).  Life as a weaver is just so much fun. Did I share pictures of that piece on the blog?

Anyway, here are some pics of the pinwheel, and several other pics of studio stuff.  Hope you enjoy, and I hope to see you in my class sometime.





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