Hatfelting in Mathews, Va

18 01 2009

Yesterday, we had a wonderful hatfelting class in Mathews, Virginia.  A group of girlfriends booked together and consisted 3 of the 6 students.  They enlivened the class TREMENDOUSLY!  The girlfriends brought goodies to share….. hot apple cider, nuts and fruits, crackers, and yummy chocolate chip cookies.  Other class members brought goodies to share.  We had a fiber party.  Thanks. I don’t think I’ve taught such an enthusiastic group before.  Unfortunately, I got so caught up in the class that I forgot to shoot pictures of the finished hats, but here are a few pictures of our progress.

Let me also mention that when I’m in Mathews, I’m at Bay School of the Arts. It’s an art center that I love because of the positive, community spirited people who run the art center, and who make sure that every possible person benefits from all the art center has to offer.  Right across the street from the art center is a wonderful little restaurant, Richardon’s.  When we have classes at the art center, we order delicious and very generous lunches from Richardsons that cost only $7.00.  Their BBQ is great, and they have the best pickled cucumbers I have ever had. When youi visite Mathews, I highly recommend you go to Richardsons, and it may be very busy, but they will take care of you quickly.




One response

19 01 2009

I know you have a spinning class at the Bay School coming up soon, and I was wondering what you’re going to be teaching in it. I’m a self-taught spinner, and might benefit from some new (to me) techniquies.

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