18 01 2009

OK, so it’s not final yet, but we have had such joy and success in the new studio, that we are considering moving again.  Granted, it’s just across the corridor, but our 600+ square footage just isn’t enough. Currently, we have about 12 floor looms, and several smaller looms in the studio. Although not every loom is in use today, I have enough potential students contacting me about Feb, and then later classes, that we need more space.  Besides, We need space for the growing sewing classes, and now we have more folks contacting me about spinning than ever before. I just have to find a class time that will suit more than one person at a time.

The new space has water, which should be standard equipment in a fiber arts studio.  We are looking at expanding to a 1200 square foot space within the next few months.  It also has 4-5 rooms which can be specialized for various activities.  I’m excited to see that we are impacting the fiber arts community so positively.

We want to be situated by May, when I begin traveling out of state for teaching, and when my lease expires on my studio in the city.  Could I even possibly give up that wonderful space?

Bye for Now.





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