Hat felting class – some finished products

25 01 2009

I saw the ladies from the hatfelting class again yesterday and they brought pics of the finished product. Thank you; I wanted to share them on the blog.  First, here is one of the hats at an unfinished point. It has been felted, but not shaped and blocked yet.img_1162Let me say, I thoroughly enjoyed this group of women.  The smile here is indicitive of the day.  Three of the students signed up for class together.  Great idea! This is frequently the case with felting classes, and it makes for a fun class.  Here is the trio and their finished hats:img_1164Great hats, huh?  The one on the far right was made as a gift for someone else. Everyone in the class did a great job, but I especially love the one on the far left.  Let me show you a bit more of this hat.

086_86This hat is perfect for the face shape, coloring and PERSONALITY of the maker/wearer.  We used a beret form, and once the piece was felted, we hardened it and milled it a little, but then we put it on the head of the student, and scrunched until we got this ‘sac’ effect.  Isn’t it lovely?  Now, watch what she did once she got home with it.088_881If yo look at the green sections of the hat, you can see that she stitched around the green to give clarity/definition to these areas, and raised them up off the surface of the felt.  Another thing she did is add a few sequins.  If you look again at the picture of her wearing the hat, the design area to the right of her face has the sequins.  This area has a couple pleats sewn into it to keep the shape we thought was best for the hat.  This is the first hat I’ve ever offered to acquire from a student.  I’m very inspired by it.

OH, and not only did we have a fantastic day at the art center, but these ladies caught a beautiful sunset in the area before leaving.  Mathews is such a beautiful place, and I thoroughly enjoy my teaching there.  Here are pictures of that beautiful sunset, and the “warm, fuzzy” little art center in Mathews.img_1166img_11581

My next class here is a spinning class on Feb. 7, and I have a rug felting class here on Feb. 14. I hope you will join me.





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