hat-felting workshop

28 02 2009

Just a quick note to say the hat-felting workshop went well.I will upload photos in this post.  ONe student absolutely didn’t like her work.  That rarely happens.  She seemed to feel that it was the wrong shape/color/etc for her face shape, features/coloring.  Otherwise, all went well.  A good time was had by all. Hope you got to laugh heartily today.

We did the dash to avoid snow/sleet/rain.

May post more from Winston Salem upon arrival.



Add in Handwoven and a Wed. morning weaving class

25 02 2009

Ok, I changed the header on the blog. Did you notice. More color, and the beautiful pinwheel weave.  The old header was a favorite of mine, but the new one corresponds to the upcoming add in Handwoven.  Please watch for it and let me know if you see it.  I haven’t advertised in Handwoven before, and wonder if anything will come of it.

I’m opening a new weekday weaving class. There is room for 4 students. We will be meeting Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am – 12:00. These classes are in Richmond, Virginia.  I have floor looms, tabletop tapestry looms, a floor tapestry loom, and rigid heddle looms. So, you can see that no matter which weaving you want to do, it’s available to you in the Wed. morning class.

We also currently have an opening in the Sunday afternoon class.  You can begin anytime during a month, and I will prorate your fee that month.  If you only want to take the one session, we can schedule your 4-week session from anytime during the month.

There is now a Tues. morning Sewing class.  We meet from 9:30 am – 12:00 noon also.  I currenlty have 2 openings for that class.

All these classes are in Richmond, Virginia.

Hope to see you soon.

Summer and Winter in the studio

23 02 2009

Well, I probably mentioned that I am did a brief program on Summer and Winter in the studio this month. Now, some of the projects in the studio are showing up.  One is Single shuttle S&W, the other is threaded as S&W, but I couldn’t tell you how it’s woven, as the student was running renegade on this one…..but the piece is quite interesting, and has received many compliments from visitors to the studio.

Here are the pics

The studio was full last night!  There were the Sunday night weavers, and 2 of the Wed. night weavers, and one weekend workshop weaver in the afternoon.  Well, 2 of the weavers left when class was over, but the sewing class came in, which filled up the studio.  I have to say, that has been my dream. to have the studio full, with everyone working happily beside everyone else.  Bye the time the weavers left, the sewing students were ready to ‘expand’ and have more table space to cut fabric.  But the timing was just right.

Currently, there is a Learn to Weave in a Weekend class scheduled for March 7.  As of now, I have openings in that class.  If you are interested, I can take floor loom weavers, tapestry weavers, or rigid heddle weavers in that class.  Just e-mail and request a registration form.

Rigid heddle workshop

21 02 2009

Interesting workshop.  We shot pics as we set up today, and did a fairly complete photo documentation of the process of dressing the Harp.  My harp came with a dvd.  The student working with her harp today, said she didn’t have one, so I made very clear instructions.  Hopefully, it will help her, and my other harp students.

I’m attaching some pics.

upcoming rigid heddle class

19 02 2009

I’ve got a rigid heddle workshop coming up this weekend.  It looks like we have 3 people….maybe 4. Four is sort of a great # for this workshop.  We meet Saturday and Sunday, and I hope to upload photos.  I’m sorry I’m remiss in posting lately, I’ve got a solo show in Sept, and contracts are due in 2 weeks as are photos of the first 10 pieces, of which, I have begun less than 1.  I’m still swamped with AIR stuff(artist-in=residence), and need to visit Wake Forest with one of my very own kids, as that one is a finalist for a presidential ascholarship.  How will I ever get it done?  Mom’s know the answer to that,”We simply do”. My favorite childhood story was ,”The Little Engine That Could” and if I ever call you that, I definitely admire you! (Jane).

Hopefully, we will get some photos of the rigid heddle workshop up this weekend.  If anyone wants to join us, we still have 2 openings.  You don’t have to live close to attend, as my studio is within walking distance of SpringHill Suites!

See you next week, briefly, as I will be weaving madly!  Did I mention that I currently have hired a helper in the studio to dress looms.  It’s necessary during this time crunch.  More later.


Spinning workshop to be repeated!

11 02 2009

The spinning workshop was such a success that I want to be sure it’s available more often.
I’ve put several dates on the calendar, so you can check out the teaching schedule. Right now the dates are:

Monday, March 9 10am – 4 pm (I know some of you aren’t available on weekdays, but the next one is on a weekend.)

Saturday, April 11 10 am – 4 pm

Monday, May 11 10 am – 4 pm

If these dates don’t work for you, but you can get at least 4 people together for the class, we can look at our calendars, and see if I’m available on dates that work for your group.

I’m also adding a new page to the blog with the class descriptions of the various classes I offer, because many of you are having to do a lot of cross-referencing to get all the information you need. Thanks for your friendship and your interest in my work and our medium.

Spinning workshop

7 02 2009

Today, I taught a spinning workshop at Bay School of the Arts in mathews, VA
There were 10 participants in the class. 10! That’s so many. It was wonderful to meet these folks, and yet, I was wiped out at the end of the day. Everybody worked hard on the wheel for 6 hours. 9 people had yarn to take home. Some people wanted to continue spinning, and I believe one of them will be in my class tomorrow. We used the Fricke wheels. I have 5 single treadle, a folding double treadle, a regular double treadle, and a folding single treadle. I also have a Louet s-45. Other people brought other wheels. One brought a Lendrum, One brought a Louet, and another 2 students brought wheels that were not functional today.
This workshop was a Virginia Museum Statewide Partnership workshop. Loads of fun and I hope we get to do it again. I’ve contacted several other art centers, trying to hold this workshop in several other places also.
Hope to see you in class.