upcoming rigid heddle class

19 02 2009

I’ve got a rigid heddle workshop coming up this weekend.  It looks like we have 3 people….maybe 4. Four is sort of a great # for this workshop.  We meet Saturday and Sunday, and I hope to upload photos.  I’m sorry I’m remiss in posting lately, I’ve got a solo show in Sept, and contracts are due in 2 weeks as are photos of the first 10 pieces, of which, I have begun less than 1.  I’m still swamped with AIR stuff(artist-in=residence), and need to visit Wake Forest with one of my very own kids, as that one is a finalist for a presidential ascholarship.  How will I ever get it done?  Mom’s know the answer to that,”We simply do”. My favorite childhood story was ,”The Little Engine That Could” and if I ever call you that, I definitely admire you! (Jane).

Hopefully, we will get some photos of the rigid heddle workshop up this weekend.  If anyone wants to join us, we still have 2 openings.  You don’t have to live close to attend, as my studio is within walking distance of SpringHill Suites!

See you next week, briefly, as I will be weaving madly!  Did I mention that I currently have hired a helper in the studio to dress looms.  It’s necessary during this time crunch.  More later.





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