Summer and Winter in the studio

23 02 2009

Well, I probably mentioned that I am did a brief program on Summer and Winter in the studio this month. Now, some of the projects in the studio are showing up.  One is Single shuttle S&W, the other is threaded as S&W, but I couldn’t tell you how it’s woven, as the student was running renegade on this one…..but the piece is quite interesting, and has received many compliments from visitors to the studio.

Here are the pics

The studio was full last night!  There were the Sunday night weavers, and 2 of the Wed. night weavers, and one weekend workshop weaver in the afternoon.  Well, 2 of the weavers left when class was over, but the sewing class came in, which filled up the studio.  I have to say, that has been my dream. to have the studio full, with everyone working happily beside everyone else.  Bye the time the weavers left, the sewing students were ready to ‘expand’ and have more table space to cut fabric.  But the timing was just right.

Currently, there is a Learn to Weave in a Weekend class scheduled for March 7.  As of now, I have openings in that class.  If you are interested, I can take floor loom weavers, tapestry weavers, or rigid heddle weavers in that class.  Just e-mail and request a registration form.




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