Making the most of a snow day;0)

2 03 2009

MMMMM, I’m snowed in on the 7th floor of a hotel in downtown Winston-Salem, NC and it’s wonderful.  I came down on someone’s else’s business.  She needed a traveling companion, so I came down planning to sequester myself and work on the pieces that I need photos of for the exhibit in Sept.  So I brought a small loom (Penelope II, table top tapestry loom) and some yarn, fiber, and knitting needles for the class I would teach on my way home.  Well, it looks like my retreat was well timed.  I’m a little snowed in, only in the sense that I couldn’t get to my own home back in VA.  But what a wonderful blessing to be snowed in with all my fave toys!  I’m working away on a bizarre abstract tapestry of touch. I didn’t bring a spinning wheel, but you can see from the photos, that I have used a knitting needle, and a spinning wheel bobbin to get what I needed to make the  yarn I want.  Bliss!  Bliss! This is just wonderful.  The wind is strong, and I heard it whipping around the buildings all night, and can hear it now.  The snow is reflecting light, so I’m working in very strong natural light and have ZERO interruptions.  Well, gotta go and make the most of this time.  More when I take a break again.  In the meantime, check out the photos of my workspace.





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