Weaving at Visarts

6 03 2009

We finished a weaving session at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Another one begins on 3/12. Registration is NOW. If you haven’t signed up, and you want to weave on the floor loom, please call the art center: 804-353-0094.

Class meets on Thurs evenings from 6;30 -9:00 pm.  If you want to join us, but don’t have a project in mind, look at my about me page, and call me. I’ll help you decide on a project. Several students in the class that just ended did double weave baby blankets.

I also have a felted vessels class coming up on 3/21 at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.  It’s a one day workshop. we meet from 10-4 on the Saturday.  If you want to see pics of what others have made in my felted vessels class, search this site for felted vessels, or go to my webshots page


Registration is underway for that class also.

Some of you have been asking about felting and dyeing classes. Currently, I don’t have a lease on a space with H2Om so I’m not offering any wet classes outside of the art centers.



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