Learn to Weave in a Week!

23 03 2009

I’ve noticed online, that people are beginning to plan their summer adventures.  So, I thought I would go ahead and post some information about the Summer Weaving classes in the studio.  I do have a couple of one week weaving classes.  The first one begins June 7 (Sunday afternoon), and we weave through Friday afternoon, quitting at 6 pm.   The next weaving immersion (week-long class) begins August 9, and again ends on Friday at 6 pm.  These classes provide 30-40 hours of instruction, and 20 hours of open studio time.

So, what will be covered in these immersions, that’s up to you.  If you are a beginner, I will teach you to plan a project, measure your warp, dress your loom from back to front, and probably front to back. You will learn to weave a single shuttle weave with 4 harnesses, and to remove your work from the loom.  You should be able to go through the threading of the loom twice in a week, and I will teach you to read a draft, and if you get far enough along, to weave a 2 shuttle weave. Bear in mind that students progress at different rates, and I will take you along at your own pace.

If you are intermediate, I will plan your class with you, before you come to the studio so that the class is customized to your own needs.  Whether you are interested in reading drafts, tie-up, multiple-shuttle weaving, complex weaving, overshot, or some other specific weave structure, we simple decide in advance what your current level of experience is, and where you would like to proceed from there.

With 20 years weaving experience, and 15 years teaching experience, it’s easy to tailor the class to the various individuals in it.  If you don’t have these dates available, I also have a Learn to Weave in a Weekend class, and have several weeks available for personal development that I will open up for workshops of groups of friends (you put the class together).

Hope to see you in class.





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