Working on the studio instead of in it

30 04 2009

Today I spent my time working on the functionality of the studio, instead of working in the studio.  I’m trying to plan the move of my remaining looms into my personal work space at the new studio.  So I’m bringing things over little by little, gauging how soon to book moving help, etc. I still have a piece to finish on the 16 shaft macomber, but need to get that done soon. The loom moves much easier if I remove the 16 metal shafts with all their metal heddles, and the two big, heavy sectional warp beams.  I also need to get the warp off the Toika in preparation for moving.  The dilemna is whether to book the movers to light a fire under me, or whether that would just set myself up for not getting finished on time.  I’ve set an ‘out’ date for myself of May 15 without even knowing if the muscle can do it by then.  Once I sent the e-mail out about the studio being available, people have started coming out of the woodwork…..interested.

OH, I also padded and covered the work tables in the new studio.  I covered them with toile and cotton batting.  The bare ply-wood was just too damaging to delicate fabrics.  Included in this e-mail are pictures of the danish table loom that I’m selling for my friend, and the ‘muslin’ of the graduation dress I’m making.

More later.


Loom and Spinning wheel repairs

29 04 2009

Just making sure to put the word out that i do spinning wheel and loom repairs. It’s pretty much local, hourly rate, and at my studio.  I do service and repair floor looms also.


29 04 2009

LAS is no stranger to most weavers.  It’s a sinister and insidious illness that strikes many of us from time to time, and paralizes my finances quite frequently.  It’s an acronym for Loom Acquisition syndrome.  If I have a loom within grasp for more than about 1 second, I feel a overwhelming need to possess it.  This illness is controllable in households where the carrier of the LAS gene is not in constant contact with OPL’s (other people’s looms), but some of us, due to our occupation, live in constant temptation, and often, infection of this crippling syndrome.

Since I do re-sell looms for others, frequently, I am the unwitting victim of wiley sellers, who know if they let me have a gentle whiff of a loom for sale, it’s as good as sold.  It’s not uncommon for these beguiling sellers to pretend to want me to re-sell their loom, knowing full well that my addiction will overwhelm me, and attach me to the loom in question.

Currently, I possess again a loom that I have previously owned.  This beautiful, Danish table loom is a 4 harness loom with top levers, and traditional Danish styling.  I’ve been ‘asked’ to sell it.  Today, I worked on this little gem for several hours, re-tying the harnesses, cleaning, and warping it for pictures and DARN IT, It attached itself to me!  Last month, someone did this to me with a spinning wheel (it’s not uncommon for LAS carriers to have SWAS also).  When I get to the studio tomorrow, I’ll try to get some photos of the loom.  The lady selling it is adding the cash to the coffers of a college fund for her precious grand-daughter, who will graduate within the month.   If you are interested in this loom (once you have seen the pics), I can have a complete loomectomy scheduled and you will be doing a great service to humanity, and this young college-bound friend.

In addition to the loom, There is a horizontal, free standing warping mill for sale.  I don’t have pics of it, but will be sure to get some for those of you interested.

Fun time weaving

28 04 2009

Yay! Today was a wonderful day in the weaving studio. We had a great time. I worked mostly with our sewing students, because the weavers needed me very little today. But laughter filled the studio, as did the sound of friends.  Loved it.

Yesterday, I finished the muslin practice dress for P’s graduation dress. She loves it, and I’ll begin the actual dress tomorrow.  When I went to pick up the fabric ($95.00 worth) the cashier asked for $18.00.  I was stunned, but too honest to walk away with stuff I didn’t pay for.  I told him, and then he charged me the correct amount…..sniff, sniff, sniff.   My pocketbook wishes I wasn’t quite so honest.  Anyway, not only did we make the final decision on the dress, she finally pushed the ‘accept admission offer’ to UVA today.  I’m a Cavalier mom now.  My first child to go to college.  If you remember, my #1 child went into the USMC. Perhaps he will get to college later.

I”m finally moving out of my studio in the fan, and wonder if anyone is interested in a very affordable studio. It’s a 2nd floor walk-up…..great light, and very quiet. If so, contact me.

I’ll upload pictures when I get a chance. Are we holding a Learn to Weave in a Weekend this weekend? IDK. Currently, I don’t have enough registrations.

Thursday is my last ART After School class this spring.  It was a good group of kids, but middle schoolers can be very moody, and cop ATTITUDE very quickly.  Friday is my last day in RPS for the spring also, and I’m wondering whether there will be such opportunities in the fall with the economy in such a state.

Tomorrow, a friend is bringing in a 4 harness Danish table loom that she wants to sell. She also has a horizontal warping mill for sale.   I’ll try to post pics of them if they don’t sell tomorrow.

I can’t wait to get into the studio tomorrow and measure a warp, weave with friends, and sew for P.

Weave with Joy!


Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshop – July 11 & 12

23 04 2009

I have a Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshop the weekend of July 11 & 12 2009.  The class schedule is intensive for your maximum learning opportunity.  It’s a good workshop to travel to for that reason. There is very nice accomodation close to the studio, and very affordable accomodation within a couple of miles of the studio.

In the workshop, we will cover set-up and weaving on a rigid heddle loom, a variety of tapestry techniques, finishing techniques and the pros and cons of a variety of looms.  Students wishing to learn use of 2 rigid heddles should e-mail me in advance, and we will cover that for them specifically.

Please not that I will be teaching a weeklong rigid heddle weaving class in August at the Touchstone Center for Craft, also.

Cluttered studio shuts me DOWN!

21 04 2009

I’ve been fairly productive lately, but let me tell you, a cluttered studio can absolutely shut down my ability to work. Very quickly, a bit of clutter can get me so visually overstimulated that I can’t function creatively.  When I weave rag rugs, I make 2  or more piles of fabric strips, and work a sequence, then reverse it. So here is my studio with the piles of fabric strips:hpim4673It’s chaos!!!!

I’ll finish the rugs tomorrow, and then make the bookmarks I use as samples for commissions.  They are much cleaner to work with.  What’s your studio look like today?  Send me a link.


Amy’s Lee’s Surrender

21 04 2009

hpim46761Amy’s Lee’s Surrender table runner.  It’s 36″ long. She is going to do 2 smaller versions for end tables also.  Nice Job Amy!

hpim4681Many of you have clicked on the beautiful pictures of Ginger’s warp. Now you can see how that beautiful warp is weaving up.  This will be a blanket/throw that’s 44″ wide, and about 72″ long.  Something nice and soft to curl up under.  She got a lot done in a single weaving session today.  Great job!

Finally, a consistent schedule

20 04 2009

It looks like I have finally transferred my affections to the Stillman studio. Not only have I brought the orchids over, but I am working a fairly regular schedule…..9:30 am – 7 pm.  And can’t stand to leave the studio each evening!  In 20 years of weaving, I’ve never had so much fun.  This week, I used up some fabric I have been holding for rag rugs, and put on a colorful warp and here they are.  Once came off the looms yesterday, and I will finish the next tomorrow.  Then, I put on a quick 75 thread warp and weave off some bookmark samples.

Well, now that my affections are transferred, it’s time to move the big looms.  The 16 harness 45″ Macomber is the heaviest/ toughest to move simply because it’s heavy as lead!  It’s also bulky, and I promised my husband I wouldn’t ask him to move it again within 5 years.  OK, I’ll hire someone (blushing). Don’t forget,  it’s 19 steps up to the studio, and we moved it together just 3 years ago.  I can remove the 16 metal shafts, and the beater, the two spikey sectional beams, and much more, but 16 metal lamms, and the sheer bulk of the body of the loom is killer.  There’s a psychology to moving it.  We don’t go up or down 19 steps (did I mention that the Stillman studio is a walk-up and it has 22 steps), we go up 1 step 19 times!!!!! Isn’t that much easier?

The Toika is easier, just takes forever without help, and then all the little piece by piece stuff to move.  Armloads and Rubbermaid tubfulls have been leaving bit by bit, but the time has come to just shift.

Here are some pictures. I like the rug, the warp, the fabrics, etc. Most of them are ones I bought through the years, and knew I wanted to do this one day, but never got around to it.  Now that I have my own space within the teaching space, I can work a lot.

Life is Grand. Dad is well again, and back where he belongs, Home.  He is an inspiration.

pictures of the current work 4/09

16 04 2009

I’m working on the video of the new space tonight ( as I am sick in bed). Hopefully, I’ll have it up by tomorrow. Check my youtube site for it.  My name at youtube is maidensweaver. BFN


Lincoln and Corriedale Fleeces

15 04 2009

Last year, I got some beautiful fleeces from a central Virginia man.  He has Lincoln and Corriedale sheep that are like pets.  I fell in love with the fleeces, but never found the time to use all that I have.  He has contacted me again, and has several lincoln fleeces, and 1 beautiful corriedale.  If anyone is interested, they were wonderful for me to spin directly from the lock.

Let me know if you are interested.