Moving info, and new classes

4 04 2009

Hi folks.

Just want to let you know the moving hours today are from noon until I drop dead from exhaustion.

Also, we have 2 new classes coming up.  There is a weaving workshop on May 2 & 3, which is a great class for people who want to travel to learn to weave because it’s a 2 day intensive.  Also, now that we will be in the new studio, we have a felting workshop coming up the weekend after the Weaving Workshop.  We will be working on the basics of wet-felting.  Our topic of exploration that day will be flatwork, like wall hangings and rugs.  This doesn’t mean 2 dimensional, as we will cover texturing techniques.

Both workshops will be from 10-2

Cost for the one day felting workshop is $85.00 + materials fee of $15.00

Cost for the 2 day weaving workshop is $150 + materials fee of $15-$50 (depending on what you choose)

Springhill suites is an 8 minute walk from the studio, and you can find their information under the acomodations page.  You will also find a video of the current studio on the studio page.  I’ll update this as we get in the new studio, but we have only moved across the hall, so you know the quality is comparable.

Hope to see you in May.





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