March weave – Four harness huck

5 04 2009

I’ll get the information out to each of you in a week. Sorry it’s late. We are doing four harness huck in March and April.

As we prepare for the show the Sat. before Mother’s Day, you should try to get 5-10 pieces done.  Remember that they might now all sell, but they are the beginning of the inventory that you are building for doing the shows.  Also remember that if you have 10 and there are 4 of us showing…. that’s 40 pieces in the booth.

If anyone has ideas for summer items, shoot me an e-mail. Also, we are looking for ideas on non-seasonal items.  Everyone anticipates the fall items from weavers at a show, but we need to be innovative.

The new space is wonderful, but you are going to have to get used to everyone being in the same room.  The ‘transient’ classes have the ‘receiving’ area, the kitchen is for socializing when not in use for wet-classes.  We also have a storage room and my studio.  Amy came and helped me move. Thank you Amy.  John and I will be building tables for the receiving area.  A dye class will be upcoming, as well a felting class.  Class schedules will be posted in the studio, so you can know what’s being offered, and so you know when the studio is open.




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