Settling in at the new studio

6 04 2009

Our move was small, and we got it done in a day.  We only moved across the hall,but we have 2X as much space. Now the sewing folks have more space, and the weavers are all in the same room.  There is a separate storage space. I have my own studio onsite, and we have a wet-space.  I’ll get pics up as soon as possible.

In addition to that, I’ve begun the 4-harness huck on my loom.  It’s a 480 end warp, 6 yards long.  I’ll be weaving all over spot huck.  The warp is 20/2 Euroflax linen in a sage green.  I’ll cross it with the same in blue for the first sample. In the studio, we have 2 doubleweave pieces underway, a few plain weave, cotton chenille scarves (these are the new students), Lee’s Surrender, and a lot of naked looms waiting for their friends to dress them this week.  Watch for pics as the weaving progresses.

What’s on your loom?

What new fiber are you going to try this spring?  Might I recommend bamboo, or linen.

What weave structure have you not tried yet?

How’s your hemstitching?  Did you write down your goals for the new year?  If so, where is that list? If not, you can still go ahead and do it.  On that Goal sheet, have you challenged yourself?  Let’s say you are a relatively new weaver, why don’t you put on your list that you want to weave 3 new structures this year.  Or you could write down that you want to be sure to put a new warp on your loom every month…..and that you have to have woven off the old one!

Let’s dye some new yarns as the weather get’s warmer, so we have some lovelies for the fall.  (we might do a few cotton yarns for summer weaves even).




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