Linen Curtains

12 04 2009

I just wove off the last of the Euroflax linen warp I put on last week.  I wove 2 curtains for the side lights on my studio door, and one additional panel.  It took 2 cones of Euroflax linen yarn.  These are the 4 harness huck that I did for the March weave in the studio.  The curtains are woven at 39X18″ and are anchored at the top and bottom.  I’ll try to post pics later.

Now I just want to weave more linen!  I will probably click over to the Webs website and buy some linen on sale.   Want to meet me there?  Webs linen on sale

I hate to tell you what these curtains cost, but the linen was $80.00/lb! I like Louet, I’m a dealer for Louet, but I’m not sure I like Euroflax better than other linens.  For instance, i love Blomqvist linen.Here are the pics of the curtains:

As you can see, One is striped, and the other is green warp with solid blue weft.  The third panel is the green warp with an unbleached natural weft.  As I was leaving the studio today, it dawned on me to look at the superwash merino.  I set my purse down at the door, and ducked into the storage/warping room, and 20 minutes later, left with a 300+ end washable merino warp wound.  Inspiration is a funny thing, and I’m very blessed to be able to stop almost everything and follow-up on an inspiration when I want to. The warp is lovely in lilac, fuschia, terra cotta and wine. MMMMMhhhhmmmmm, can’t wait to dress the loom.  More tomorrow.





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