Finally, a consistent schedule

20 04 2009

It looks like I have finally transferred my affections to the Stillman studio. Not only have I brought the orchids over, but I am working a fairly regular schedule…..9:30 am – 7 pm.  And can’t stand to leave the studio each evening!  In 20 years of weaving, I’ve never had so much fun.  This week, I used up some fabric I have been holding for rag rugs, and put on a colorful warp and here they are.  Once came off the looms yesterday, and I will finish the next tomorrow.  Then, I put on a quick 75 thread warp and weave off some bookmark samples.

Well, now that my affections are transferred, it’s time to move the big looms.  The 16 harness 45″ Macomber is the heaviest/ toughest to move simply because it’s heavy as lead!  It’s also bulky, and I promised my husband I wouldn’t ask him to move it again within 5 years.  OK, I’ll hire someone (blushing). Don’t forget,  it’s 19 steps up to the studio, and we moved it together just 3 years ago.  I can remove the 16 metal shafts, and the beater, the two spikey sectional beams, and much more, but 16 metal lamms, and the sheer bulk of the body of the loom is killer.  There’s a psychology to moving it.  We don’t go up or down 19 steps (did I mention that the Stillman studio is a walk-up and it has 22 steps), we go up 1 step 19 times!!!!! Isn’t that much easier?

The Toika is easier, just takes forever without help, and then all the little piece by piece stuff to move.  Armloads and Rubbermaid tubfulls have been leaving bit by bit, but the time has come to just shift.

Here are some pictures. I like the rug, the warp, the fabrics, etc. Most of them are ones I bought through the years, and knew I wanted to do this one day, but never got around to it.  Now that I have my own space within the teaching space, I can work a lot.

Life is Grand. Dad is well again, and back where he belongs, Home.  He is an inspiration.




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21 04 2009

I’m so glad your Dad is doing better!

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