Fun time weaving

28 04 2009

Yay! Today was a wonderful day in the weaving studio. We had a great time. I worked mostly with our sewing students, because the weavers needed me very little today. But laughter filled the studio, as did the sound of friends.  Loved it.

Yesterday, I finished the muslin practice dress for P’s graduation dress. She loves it, and I’ll begin the actual dress tomorrow.  When I went to pick up the fabric ($95.00 worth) the cashier asked for $18.00.  I was stunned, but too honest to walk away with stuff I didn’t pay for.  I told him, and then he charged me the correct amount…..sniff, sniff, sniff.   My pocketbook wishes I wasn’t quite so honest.  Anyway, not only did we make the final decision on the dress, she finally pushed the ‘accept admission offer’ to UVA today.  I’m a Cavalier mom now.  My first child to go to college.  If you remember, my #1 child went into the USMC. Perhaps he will get to college later.

I”m finally moving out of my studio in the fan, and wonder if anyone is interested in a very affordable studio. It’s a 2nd floor walk-up…..great light, and very quiet. If so, contact me.

I’ll upload pictures when I get a chance. Are we holding a Learn to Weave in a Weekend this weekend? IDK. Currently, I don’t have enough registrations.

Thursday is my last ART After School class this spring.  It was a good group of kids, but middle schoolers can be very moody, and cop ATTITUDE very quickly.  Friday is my last day in RPS for the spring also, and I’m wondering whether there will be such opportunities in the fall with the economy in such a state.

Tomorrow, a friend is bringing in a 4 harness Danish table loom that she wants to sell. She also has a horizontal warping mill for sale.   I’ll try to post pics of them if they don’t sell tomorrow.

I can’t wait to get into the studio tomorrow and measure a warp, weave with friends, and sew for P.

Weave with Joy!





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