29 04 2009

LAS is no stranger to most weavers.  It’s a sinister and insidious illness that strikes many of us from time to time, and paralizes my finances quite frequently.  It’s an acronym for Loom Acquisition syndrome.  If I have a loom within grasp for more than about 1 second, I feel a overwhelming need to possess it.  This illness is controllable in households where the carrier of the LAS gene is not in constant contact with OPL’s (other people’s looms), but some of us, due to our occupation, live in constant temptation, and often, infection of this crippling syndrome.

Since I do re-sell looms for others, frequently, I am the unwitting victim of wiley sellers, who know if they let me have a gentle whiff of a loom for sale, it’s as good as sold.  It’s not uncommon for these beguiling sellers to pretend to want me to re-sell their loom, knowing full well that my addiction will overwhelm me, and attach me to the loom in question.

Currently, I possess again a loom that I have previously owned.  This beautiful, Danish table loom is a 4 harness loom with top levers, and traditional Danish styling.  I’ve been ‘asked’ to sell it.  Today, I worked on this little gem for several hours, re-tying the harnesses, cleaning, and warping it for pictures and DARN IT, It attached itself to me!  Last month, someone did this to me with a spinning wheel (it’s not uncommon for LAS carriers to have SWAS also).  When I get to the studio tomorrow, I’ll try to get some photos of the loom.  The lady selling it is adding the cash to the coffers of a college fund for her precious grand-daughter, who will graduate within the month.   If you are interested in this loom (once you have seen the pics), I can have a complete loomectomy scheduled and you will be doing a great service to humanity, and this young college-bound friend.

In addition to the loom, There is a horizontal, free standing warping mill for sale.  I don’t have pics of it, but will be sure to get some for those of you interested.




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