Working on the studio instead of in it

30 04 2009

Today I spent my time working on the functionality of the studio, instead of working in the studio.  I’m trying to plan the move of my remaining looms into my personal work space at the new studio.  So I’m bringing things over little by little, gauging how soon to book moving help, etc. I still have a piece to finish on the 16 shaft macomber, but need to get that done soon. The loom moves much easier if I remove the 16 metal shafts with all their metal heddles, and the two big, heavy sectional warp beams.  I also need to get the warp off the Toika in preparation for moving.  The dilemna is whether to book the movers to light a fire under me, or whether that would just set myself up for not getting finished on time.  I’ve set an ‘out’ date for myself of May 15 without even knowing if the muscle can do it by then.  Once I sent the e-mail out about the studio being available, people have started coming out of the woodwork…..interested.

OH, I also padded and covered the work tables in the new studio.  I covered them with toile and cotton batting.  The bare ply-wood was just too damaging to delicate fabrics.  Included in this e-mail are pictures of the danish table loom that I’m selling for my friend, and the ‘muslin’ of the graduation dress I’m making.

More later.





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