Finally, a consistent schedule

20 04 2009

It looks like I have finally transferred my affections to the Stillman studio. Not only have I brought the orchids over, but I am working a fairly regular schedule…..9:30 am – 7 pm.  And can’t stand to leave the studio each evening!  In 20 years of weaving, I’ve never had so much fun.  This week, I used up some fabric I have been holding for rag rugs, and put on a colorful warp and here they are.  Once came off the looms yesterday, and I will finish the next tomorrow.  Then, I put on a quick 75 thread warp and weave off some bookmark samples.

Well, now that my affections are transferred, it’s time to move the big looms.  The 16 harness 45″ Macomber is the heaviest/ toughest to move simply because it’s heavy as lead!  It’s also bulky, and I promised my husband I wouldn’t ask him to move it again within 5 years.  OK, I’ll hire someone (blushing). Don’t forget,  it’s 19 steps up to the studio, and we moved it together just 3 years ago.  I can remove the 16 metal shafts, and the beater, the two spikey sectional beams, and much more, but 16 metal lamms, and the sheer bulk of the body of the loom is killer.  There’s a psychology to moving it.  We don’t go up or down 19 steps (did I mention that the Stillman studio is a walk-up and it has 22 steps), we go up 1 step 19 times!!!!! Isn’t that much easier?

The Toika is easier, just takes forever without help, and then all the little piece by piece stuff to move.  Armloads and Rubbermaid tubfulls have been leaving bit by bit, but the time has come to just shift.

Here are some pictures. I like the rug, the warp, the fabrics, etc. Most of them are ones I bought through the years, and knew I wanted to do this one day, but never got around to it.  Now that I have my own space within the teaching space, I can work a lot.

Life is Grand. Dad is well again, and back where he belongs, Home.  He is an inspiration.


pictures of the current work 4/09

16 04 2009

I’m working on the video of the new space tonight ( as I am sick in bed). Hopefully, I’ll have it up by tomorrow. Check my youtube site for it.  My name at youtube is maidensweaver. BFN


Lincoln and Corriedale Fleeces

15 04 2009

Last year, I got some beautiful fleeces from a central Virginia man.  He has Lincoln and Corriedale sheep that are like pets.  I fell in love with the fleeces, but never found the time to use all that I have.  He has contacted me again, and has several lincoln fleeces, and 1 beautiful corriedale.  If anyone is interested, they were wonderful for me to spin directly from the lock.

Let me know if you are interested.


Nomination for Kreativ Blogger

15 04 2009

kreativebloggerYAY!  Thanks Alice. Alice nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award.  Sorry it has taken so long for me to post the award.

The rules are for accepting the award are as follows:

copy the Kreativ Blogger award to your blog
put a link to the person from whom you received the award
nominate 8 other blogs and
link to them
then leave a message on the blogs you nominated

I have to think about the 8 other blogs, and I’ll post them soon.

There is a log happening in the studio right now, with so many people putting on new warps.  I shot a lot of pictures, but don’t have my card reader here, so I’ll have to upload the pics tomorrow when I can find a wifi spot.  Here’s what’s going on :

1 student is weaving a friendship twill to use as yardage for a wearable gift for a friend

1 student is weaving M’s and O’s in black, grey, white and gold

1 student is weaving a chenille scarf

As is another student

1 is weaving a doubleweave blanket in beautiful plum, pink and yellow

1 is finishing up Lee’s Surrender,

Another double weave

Another chenille scarf and at least one student on sabatical.

My own loom has that beautiful warp on it that I was inspired to measure out on Sunday. It’s being woven as a knot and twill weave. Gotta love it.

There are currently a couple sewing students that may be coming in on Tues. mornings also, and one sewing student looking for another person to take afternoon classes.  If anyone is looking for weekday afternoon sewing classes, we can put together a class.

If you are a spinner, watch for the next post!


Linen Curtains

12 04 2009

I just wove off the last of the Euroflax linen warp I put on last week.  I wove 2 curtains for the side lights on my studio door, and one additional panel.  It took 2 cones of Euroflax linen yarn.  These are the 4 harness huck that I did for the March weave in the studio.  The curtains are woven at 39X18″ and are anchored at the top and bottom.  I’ll try to post pics later.

Now I just want to weave more linen!  I will probably click over to the Webs website and buy some linen on sale.   Want to meet me there?  Webs linen on sale

I hate to tell you what these curtains cost, but the linen was $80.00/lb! I like Louet, I’m a dealer for Louet, but I’m not sure I like Euroflax better than other linens.  For instance, i love Blomqvist linen.Here are the pics of the curtains:

As you can see, One is striped, and the other is green warp with solid blue weft.  The third panel is the green warp with an unbleached natural weft.  As I was leaving the studio today, it dawned on me to look at the superwash merino.  I set my purse down at the door, and ducked into the storage/warping room, and 20 minutes later, left with a 300+ end washable merino warp wound.  Inspiration is a funny thing, and I’m very blessed to be able to stop almost everything and follow-up on an inspiration when I want to. The warp is lovely in lilac, fuschia, terra cotta and wine. MMMMMhhhhmmmmm, can’t wait to dress the loom.  More tomorrow.


St. Jude’s Quilt contest & other good things

12 04 2009

This is a little off-topic for those of you who weave exclusively, but many of us engage in other fiber arts also. If you sew, and would like to benefit St. Jude’s hospital, and the young patients there, please check out the quilt contest.  Consider donating a 45″X60″ quilt to benefit St. Jude’s.  Here is a link to the rules:  St. Jude’s Quilt contest

Also, I have students who administrate great not-for-profits. Today, I want to promote them because too often, we only think of these organizations around the Christmas, or winter holidays. Well that means they have an abundance of help then, but this time of year, they need your help also.

Two of these organizations that I want you to be aware of are: The Giving Heartand

From the Heart Stitchers

The organizations provide a great blessing to our community, and a great example loving others.  From the Heart Stitchers is specifically a fiber artists opportunity.  The Giving Heart is more of an open opportunity, but the administrator is learning to weave in the studio, and I would like to find a way to assist.  Maybe you could donate a knitted hat and it could be put in the care bags?

OH, here is something else very cool. I was at St. Mary’s hospital visiting my precious family member, when I stopped at one of the info desks to find out where to go.  The lady at the desk was futzing around with yarn.  Of course I asked what she was working on and she said she was knitting hats for the babies born at St. Marys.  Every baby born at St. Mary’s get a hand knitted beanie to keep him/her warm and to go home with them.  2 of my kids were born there, and I had no  idea those beanies were and knit!  I need to find those beanies.  What loving hands.

One of my students/friends mentioned to me yesterday what a great community of people my studio is composed of (that’s not exactly how she said it, but what she said was even kinder).  It is my thought/hope that it is a teaching example for me.  That these wonderful, women of grace and love are in my studio, and that I will learn from each and every one of them how to be more Loving and compassionate.  There are so many things about the people in my studio that I admire, and would like to emmulate. Let me be a blessing today.

Hope you get time to weave today.

Tough stuff

10 04 2009


I have a close loved one in the hosp. It looked like he was doing great, and really racing toward coming home.  Then, last night, he had a major set back.  He’s back in ICU, but He IS going to turn this around. I’m praying constantly, and praying with faith, that he will be healthy. Thanks for being supportive and patient.

Stopped for dinner again at Far East Bistro, in Short Pump, and were treated like royalty.  We really enjoy this restaurant, and encourage you to treat yourself there, some time.  Tues, one of my students mentioned it, and she is a big fan also.

Here is a link to the Far East Bistro