Packing up the Roseneath studio

2 05 2009

It’s definitely time to move when I have no regrets about moving from the studio on Roseneath.  There are 2 unfinished projects on the looms there, and I’m working to finish one of them before the equipment is moved on May 15.  While I was there today, it was very hot, and I didn’t remember there was a window unit in the studio!!!!!  It’s just been too long since it has been used regularly.

The piece at that studio is a scarf with a cria warp sett at 50 epi, and a hand-spun, singles baby camel down.  It’s a lovely piece, but you probably realize that if it’s sett at 50 epi, it’s woven at about 50 ppi, so it weaves up very slowly. The draft is long, and doesn’t repeat but about every 80 pics, and has tabby, so memorizing the draft, is kind of like trying to memorize Pi.  To me it is, anyway;0)  Once through the draft sequence is about 5″ and the scarf is planned to be 60″.  Right now, I’ve got 43″ woven.  Then, I will remove the 16 harnesses from the Macomber, and take them over to Stillman to lighten the loom for the movers.  The tapestry on the Toika, will simply be cut off and scrapped.

Today, 2 big tubs of yarn, and fiber came out of that studio to go to Stillman. I’ll deliver them tomorrow.  I sitll have the 8 harness Compact 24 to move.  I also have 4 or 5 Penelope II tapestry looms to move, and then the minutia. I hate moving all the little stuff.  I would almost rather move the big looms, and let the moving people shovel all the other stuff into a refridgerator box, and…… well, I won’t want to put it away once it arrives at the new studio, so what do I wish they would do with it?  Wave a magic wand and have it all dance into it’s proper place?  Gotta go for now.





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