Exit Strategy

5 05 2009

Today, the mover came to the Roseneath studio and gave me an estimate. As a matter of fact, he said,”should we do it now?”  Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready. There was one 8 harness modified twill that I needed to finish before I could remove the 16 metal shafts from the Macomber, remove the beater, the two sectional back beams, and  collapse the loom.  Now, it’s almost all done.  The two sectional warp beams need to be removed still, but I need a second set of hands to do that.  This week, I’ll take packing boxes down there, and pack up all the little things, and on Monday morning, he will move me OUT!!!!!

It’s unreal. I have loved that studio so much that I thought I would never leave. Now, I’m happy to go;0)  The space at 3800 Stillman is a perfect fit for my needs, my students and my orchids.  I will be completely moved out of the city, and will be back in the county I grew up in.  And much closer to home, as well.  The drive to Roseneath is 40-45 min from home, while the drive to 3800 is just 18-20 min.  The space is bigger, the area is more like I grew up in.  It’s the one place that I go to that actually can exert a ‘pull’ on me when it’s time to go home.  No matter how late in the day.

The summer classes are starting to come together here.  So far, I don’t know how many students we have signed up at Touchstone, but I’ll call in a week or two and find out.  We also have a new student in the Tues. morning class, and another student is returning to us in the Wed. night class.  There are still 2 opening, but they will not come available until 5/19 or 5/27, depending whether you are looking for a spot in the daytime class, or the evening class.  I’ll continue to post pictures as interesting items arise, but for now, I would say check out the pictures of the tabletop danish loom that is in the studio and for sale.  It’s $380 with the free standing horizontal warping mill.  There are a couple of people interested in it now, but they only want the loom.  Does anyone want the package?  it will help a young friend get to college.

No other news that’s important, so I’ll say goodnight for now and happy weaving.





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