Fiber art for others

6 05 2009

I’ve mentioned The Giving Heart outreach before, and want to encourage you again to use your fiber art gifts to enhance the lives of others.  If you are not living in our area, please find a not-for-profit in your area, that helps other folks.  Here are some ideas:

If you sew:

1. Sew drawstring bags as gift bags, or necessity bags for the homeless

2. Sew drawstring bags to hold doggy food samples, or kitty litter samples and other small items to accompany adopted pets.

3.  Sew doggy jackets to be sold by your local animal rescue.

4. Organize a pajama party (adults) and make a fun project for yourselves, like PJ’s, and a small item to donate, like a drawstring bag, or tote bags for the NFP of your choice.

5.  Sew doggy bandanas/ kitty bandanas for your animal rescue to sell, or to accompany their adopted pets.

If you knit or crochet:

1. knit/crochet a hat for the homeless – many shelters collect hats and gloves

2. start a ‘drive’ for hats and gloves for the homeless

3.  knit/crochet a scarf for a homeless person

4. knit/crochet a sweater or other larger item to be auctioned during a fundraiser for the shelter or NFP of your choice

5. knit/crocket sweaters for homeless dogs.  Especially the elderly, their joints ache in the cold too!

These items can be done out of blaze orange, to help keep the recipient safe in long hours of winter dark.

If you weave:

1.  Weave  a scarf, or hat for the homeless (blaze orange)

2. Weave a larger item to be auctioned in a fundraiser for your NFP

This is the time to think about, and work on these gifts.  Get them done now, so you aren’t looking back in hindsight wishing you had…….again;0)  On that note, I want to ask you to bring me items to go in the bags for The Giving Heart if you are in this area.  What I get, I will sew drawstring bags for, and make sure they are nicely plumped out for the recipients.  Periodically, I’ll post pictures of how our collection is growing, unless it’s pitiful (please don’t let that happen). Can we set a goal of 100 bags?  I’m attaching a link to The Giving Heart’s website, and you check out the things they want for the bags.  Bring it to the studio……that will be your excuse to visit. Call or e-mail me to make sure of a time I’ll be there.

I’m going to send out e-mails and post this on facebook also.  I would like to be a part of this wonderful blessing to the Richmond Community.




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