Filling the larger studio

18 05 2009

Wow, We have been in the new/larger studio 5 weeks already!  We began with 10 looms, and had students on about 8 of them.  Right now, we probably have 8 students, but had a lady come by Wed. and visit.  She is planning on joining us on Wed. nights. I ran into a lady at the grocery store, and she is interested.  She may join with a friend, and when I got home, another lady wants to join an evening class!  It would be great if I could get all 4 of these new folks to take on a new night.  That woud fill the last classroom, and it would make it possible to add another night of weaving, rather than spreading myself too thin (not possible…. in some respects) during the existing class times.

We now have 14 floor looms (actually, one is coming tomorrow).  We have a 45″, 16 harness Macomber, 45″ Leclerc Nilus, 45″ schacht, 45″ Lillstina, 48″ Toika Tapestry, 30″ schacht, 4 24″ Leclerc compact 24’s, a 28″ schacht, a 22″ leclerc, a 30″ leclerc Inca, and a 24″ macomber.  About half of these looms have more than 4 harnesses.  We do also have tabletop tapestry looms, and rigid heddle looms as well as sewing machines and classes.  This studio is really blossoming!  Our June sewing class has begun to fill, and our summer weaving workshops are now gaining registrants.  This is just so much fun.

Today, Ginger and I worked on her Glimakra.  She got her warp measured, and wound on.  She is probably threading heddles as we speak.  I’m looking forward to seeing that old loom weaving away.  She is probably one of the loveliest looms I’ve ever seen, or gotten to , uh I mean, worked on.  Ginger is really working very hard on her weaving and spinning.  Jody is back in the studio, and working on the big Macomber.  She is going to do a couple of rag rugs.  I’m finishing up the gifts, or having a studio assistant come in and finish them, in exchange for some lessons.  I have hired teens in the past to come in during the summer, and work as a studio assistant.  It works out very well.  I may be looking for a studio assistant in late July and August.  I only hire high school students who have woven with me before, and are very interested in learning more, and doing excellent work.

Jane is weaving fabric, Susan is doing something on the big 4 harness loom, Amy is working on a ‘secret project’ that will be salable items! Yay Amy!!!  Betsy has a beautiful warp on, and Vickey is almost finished her scarf.  All is well.




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