Busy/tiring day in studio

20 05 2009

It was a busy day.  There was drama in the bldg today, and it insinuated itself into the studio throughout the morning.  A young person came to work in the studio in exchange for some lessons. The work I had intended to get done today didn’t.

We had a new student in the Wed. night class tonight. She’s very good. Her pace was excellent, her color choices are in sync with my own, and she seems like she’s going to be very pleasant to be in the studio with.

I got the Inca loom put together today, and got a mini-warp on it to test it. Interesting loom. I’ll let you know what I think. It’s an old Leclerc loom. It has 4 harnesses, and although it’s not a counter balance, it operates off pulleys.  Right now, the shed is just “ok”, but the directions I have aren’t very specific about how to connect the lamms and treadles.  Leclerc does have a very good website, and I’ll be able to find diagrams there.

I’m beat. Tomorrow is pretty much the last day to work on my daughter’s graduation dress. The drama today, and the fact that I spent the day in the hospital with a family member, are really making me wonder if the dress will be finished on time.  Of course, those of you who know me, know that my greatest inspiration is a deadline;0)

I’ll try to get some pictures up tomorrow of Sheila’s warp, Jody’s progress, Charlene’s doubleweave, Jane’s modified twill, Ginger’s lovely warp, Amy’s Amazing Yellow warp, Betsy’s beautiful chenille scarf, Vickey’s almost finished chenille scarf, Morette’s rag rug, as well as the Inca.  The studio continues to evolve, and it looks like we will be at capacity again, by June 15.

If you are interested in the June weaving intensive class, please e-mail me and I can answer your questions, or download the registration form to the right (the workshop form) and drop it in the mail with your class payment.  It will be great to have you in class.

My own weaving this week, are the black alpaca/silk scarves for thank you gifts for coaches and advisors, a few simple, el cheapo scarves, and the graduation dress. I’m also trying to get the Toika Tapestry loom dressed.







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21 05 2009

oOO I missed the drama!! I also miss you guys!

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